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Total number of hits starting with letter A is 120, and record(s) 1 to 50 are:  
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A8101Introduction to European studies
ACCT1101Introduction to financial accounting
ACCT2102Intermediate financial accounting I
ACCT2105Introduction to management accounting
ACCT3103Intermediate financial accounting II
ACCT3106Management control
ACCT3107Hong Kong taxation
ACCT4104Advanced financial accounting
ACCT4110Advanced topics in taxation
AMER0001General studies: the rise of American business
AMER1001America at centurys end: introduction to American studies
AMER1002Reading the American dream
AMER2001Foundations of American studies
AMER2002Road in American culture
AMER2004Asia American culture
AMER2006Heres looking at you, kid: America as a foreign country
AMER2009Special topic in American studies: African-American womens experience
AMER2010Special topic in American topic: African-American popular culture
ANAT1001Life Sciences I (Anatomy)
APAI1001Artificial intelligence: foundation,philosophy and ethics
APAI3010Image processing and computer vision
APAI3021Modern biostatistics
APAI4011Natural language processing
APAI4012High-performance computing
ARCH1002Architectural design II
ARCH1003History and theory of architecture I
ARCH1004History and theory of architecture II
ARCH1005Principles of buildings 1
ARCH1006Principles of buildings II
ARCH1019Building Technology 1 - Environmental Science and Engineering in Architecture
ARCH2002Architectural design IV
ARCH2003History and theory of architecture 3
ARCH2004History and theory of architecture 4
ARCH2005Building technology 1
ARCH2006Building technology 2
ARCH2009Urbanism 1
ARCH2011Urbanism I
ARCH2012Urbanism II: site planning
ARCH2049Architectural History and Theory 2 - Global Perspectives I
ARCH2050Architectural History and Theory 3 - Global Perspectives II
ARCH3003History and theory of architecture 5
ARCH3004History and theory of architecture VI
ARCH3005Building structures 1
ARCH3007Building services I
ARCH3008Building services II
ARCH3009Building technology and materials 1
ARCH3010Building technology and materials 2
ARCH3026Plants and Planting Design III&IV
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